There were three presentation as usual at the 14th Java User Meeting at Budapest yesterday, but this time I'll write only about the first one.

Imre Fazekas had been invited from Debrecen to make a presentation about Brillien, their Java enterprise platform. It's an alternative way of modeling and implementing business logic in place of Java Enterprise (J2EE) Technology. It uses invasive programming model which means we have to extend classes from Brillien superclasses and we may use annotations. The whole system based on asynchronous XMPP communication and a set-context-flow concept. It's something like an application server, but uses a more logical and set-based approach. As the presenter said, it has very good speed and performance characteristics.

Currently there are no IDE or other tools for editing models because this is a very young project, however a Maven plugin and a Maven archetype is accessible on the homepage.

A very good introduction and tutorial can be also found on the homepage. The code can be downloaded as binary distribution and SVN repository is also accessible. As he said they are preparing to run it in production environment and they know about a few other users.

It seems very exciting. Unfortunately I dont't have time to check it out at the moment, however, it's in the queue.