Budapest Newtech Meetup

The originally planned programme of the January Budapest Newtech Meetup contained some interesting presentations like the smart 3D visualizer solution (3dForAll) from a young Hungarian inventor or the Google App Engine which is an alternative server-side solution for those who don't have own server facilities. It can be used mainly for OpenSocial applications which is actual nowadays because of leader social network of Hungary (Wiw: Who is Who) had been announced to support opensocial applications in the near future. Further live demo would had been the Surface which is a Microsoft hardware but it had been also cancelled.

The event had been organized this time in a small art movie near the Buda-side of the Margareth bridge. About 130 people were present, some of them couldn't fit into the room.

The first demo was about the Zoomery application which is built on Microsoft Silverlight technology and used for deep-zooming a set of pictures or documents. Several kinds of documents can be converted to this special image format which is highly zoomable, filterable and orderable with the application itself.

Next presentation was about the Sensenet, a unique open source .NET based Enterprise Content Management System. They have some working project with this CMS at some larger company or organization in Hungary and abroad. It can be a deliberate solution for those who adhere Microsoft technology. In Java world, Alfresco is a similar open source Enterprise CMS.

UStream is a web-based video streaming solution. The company have some Hungarian relations and not least most development happen at Budapest. We saw a video stream on the movie screen in a web browser which was being captured by a 3G phone in the room and was passed through a server placed in the US. Not the technology was the main point but the possibility to manage the stream as a service: embedding it into own webpage, placing own trademark on the stream, managing user-access. Afterall, it was a great demonstration.

Last presentation was about TurulMeme, which is a webpage based on sharing facilities of Google Reader. People can register their sharings into the TurulMeme and they appear on the page as tagged, commentable, filterable news with information on how many other users read it and something like this. It wasn't a big technological breakthrough according to me, there are many more similar services on the web, but the main difference that this site focuses mainly on Hungarian news sources. As the developer said it had been completed in days (MS techonology) and it's rather fun than a serious competitor of other link sharing services.

Afterall, it was a great event in a great place with many people and hot vine.