JavaPosse Episode 158

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Newcast for January 9th 2008

00:25 Intro (T-shirt is available)
01:44 Roundup - only days left for the early bird price
02:35 Bruce Eckel: should we simply stop adding new features to Java?
17:40 Apple has released an updated developer preview version of Java 6
22:50 Two Professors from NYU have slammed Java as a teaching language
33:20 Scala Roundup
38:00 Library of the week - PDF Renderer
40:30 Up and coming Project of the Week - Mighty Box

Quick News Items

44:00 JSR 271 - The Mobile Information Device Profile 3 (better known as MIDP 3)
44:23 Chris Adamson has issued a call for comments on how java.net might be improved in 2008
44:48 Is Rails a Ghetto?
45:51 Apache Wicket 1.3 has been released
46:09 Motorola has released a new version of the ROKR music playing phone
46:15 JSR 286 - the Java Portlet Specification 2.0
46:33 JSR 255 - JMX (the Java Management Extensions) version 2.0
46:45 JSR 279 - Service Connection API for Java ME
47:12 JSR 235 - Service Data Objects - has been stalled for about 3 years
48:20 Apache Jakarta have released a new version Commons configuration
48:43 There is a new preview version of Oracle JDeveloper 11g available
49:05 Using Erlang (a functional language) and Java together
49:30 Pearson Education held a four day GWT conference in San Francisco
49:50 The NetBeans source code is being moved to Mercurial
50:18 Django is getting very close to running on top of Jython
50:35 NetBeans has once again kicked off it's world tour
51:00 The Java 2 Fifth Edition Complete Reference is now available for free as a PDF download
51:19 Groovy 1.5.1 has been released
51:34 The JDIC project have updated their netbeans plugin for NetBeans 6
51:47 Infoworld reckons that Sun Microsystems is back in the game
52:16 Nominations for the 2008 Eclipse Community Awards are now being accepted
52:43 Jason LaPier has put together a NetBeans cheat sheet for Ruby and Rails development
53:00 Grizzly 1.7 is out
53:20 On a related note, Glassfish v2 update release 1 is also now available
53:30 Metro versions 1.0.1 and 1.1 have been released
53:46 A new version of Excelsior JET is now available
54:09 JRuby 1.1RC1 released

54:20 BluRay Wins?


JavaPosse Episode 163

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00:30 Intro -couple of guests in studio, club feeling, somebody is speaking from the cupboard. Roundup, Sun / MySQL, etc.
17:28 Grails 1.0 released
21:10 Registration for JavaOne is now open
30:25 Closures
38:50 JSF has passed Swing as the number one GUI component model for job demand
42:20 JavaFX update N, reinventing client Java
49:40 Nymbus Look and Feel
52:10 Font rendering

Quick News
64:00 A NetBeans Innovators Grants program has been introduced by Sun
64:50 How to write a full application that uses JSF, Seam 2.0 and JPA together, Carol McDonald's blog
65:26 Duke's Choice Award (deadline is 14th March)
65:40 Opera Mobile
69:37 TheServerSide.com has an introduction to using MapReduce in Java applications
69:58 Sun has released a new version of their Solaris Express Developer Edition
70:57 Sun has also posted a proposed final draft of JSR 293 - Location API 2.0
71:20 Thanks


JavaPosse Episode 162

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Interview with Dalibor Topic about Open JDK, the JCP, Kaffe, Iced Tea and more

00:40 Intro
01:44 About Kaffe project
05:28 What's the current state of Kaffe now?
07:35 Are annotations and generics supported by Kaffe now?
09:15 What were the trade-offs between those two licenses and why did you end up picking the GPL side of the two?
10:45 How difficult is it to hit a moving target like the Java Language Specification in a project like Kaffe?
12:26 What do you think is the future for Kaffe?
14:25 ... Are you seeing now that OpenJDK is open sourced or at least mostly open sourced that it's definitely being picked up from those kind of distributions? (Java in Linux)
16:25 Any other project you are involved? (GNU classpath)
17:20 Dalibor's relationship with OpenJDK.
20:33 The OpenJDK was released under the GPLv2 with the classpath exception. Do you think it was a good choice?
22:10 About Interim Governance Board
24:47 How does this Governance Board relate to the JCP?
26:37 What will happen once the temporary governance board is finished with its work?
28:50 Are you personally interested in serving on the next GB for the OpenJDK meeting ...?
29:45 How much of the current binary ... the Java is carrying can be replaced by stuff out of projects like Iced Tea and do you think that's likely to happen?
31:20 Do you think that JCP is too slow?
32:15 Do you think maybe they should have a little bit more development going on before JSR-s are formed from the ideas?
34:50 Do you think that JCP is dominated by Sun?
40:20 Superpackages vs OSGi (JSR277,JSR294 vs JSR291)
47:50 Thanks


JavaPosse Episode 161

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Open JavaME and JavaSE interviews

00:30 Intro : About roundup signups, skiing, next episode (will be a listener feedback session), etc
05:00 About interview at Sun Java Mobile and Embedded Developer Days
06:10 Sun aquiring MySQL
12:52 Oracle acquiring BEA
17:25 Is the Geronimo in trouble?
20:00 Applet of the Week: Sea Level applets
21:05 Project of the week - LoboBrowser

Quick News
23:43 JDK6u4
24:00 CommunityOne 2008 call for participation
24:38 JavaZone 2008 call for presentations
25:17 Jazoon 08
25:50 EclipseCon
26:21 Artifactory, Maven
26:34 Chris Richardson's blog entry
27:04 JSR 323 - Strong Mobility for Java
27:41 Bill Venners has released a new testing tool - ScalaTest ('JUnit for Scala')
28:06 The Developer.com product awards for 2008 have been announced
28:32 JackRabbit 1.4
28:49 Apache Jakarta Commons Pool 1.4
29:10 Neal Gafter: Java is dead
29:32 Posse listeners in Pune, India
30:02 Apache Lenya 2.0 (Content Management System)
30:26 Sun is holding another Second Life virtual meeting
30:36 Sun's JavaFX tools to interop with Adobe

31:38 An easy-going interview with Roger and Terrence at Sun Java Mobile and Embedded Developer day
32:16 Are You gonna have this scene next year?
35:50 Why hasn't there been an event like this already?
42:40 ...Google's Android is a reflection that so many things in the industry went wrong...
43:00 Some announcements
45:15 One of the big goals of the community...
45:45 Vodafone r&d
46:50 Squack (?) virtual machine is open source
49:10 When the Sun spot blend? (?)
56:10 Thanx

56:45 Outro


JavaPosse Episode 159

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Open source ME and SE interviews

00:30 Intro, background

01:16 Interview with Terence Barr, introduction
02:11 What happened since the announcement of open sourcing JavaME?
03:21 What were the reasons for applying GPLv2 without the classpath exception? Has it turned out to be a good choice in retrospect?
05:53 Had commercial licensees react to the open sourcing of JavaME?
07:42 What the deal is with JavaME CLDC and JavaME CDC? It was reported earlier that CLDC was being killed. What's going on here?
10:02 Have you seen any unusual or unexpected port JavaME since it was open sourced?
12:52 Do you think JavaME development has accelerated as a result of its open sourcing?
14:06 How will the JavaFX script work in JavaME? When will we see FX script running on mobile devices any time soon?
15:45 What's the story with device availability? Are there any devices running CDC yet?
17:16 When we gonna see some MobileFX or JavaFX mobile stuff comeout?
18:15 Why isn't there a mobility pack for Mac OS 10 yet?
20:14 Are there any regrets inside of Sun about open sourcing JavaME?
22:35 Are you still confident we'll see JavaME for Apple iPhone?
24:30 About Java Mobile and Embedded Developer Days.
26:27 Thx

26:43 Interview with Mark Reinhold about state of open source Java and OpenJDK
26:55 Introduction
27:53 A quick update on the state of open sourcing the JDK.
28:41 What is the work remained to be done?
30:11 Do you have any non-Sun regular contributors?
31:10 About moving to Mercurial.
32:10 About governance (?) board.
34:57 Ice Tea project of RedHat
38:25 GPLv2, questions about licesing.
41:08 Have OpenJDK a positive effect on improving the language (Java7)?
43:00 Do you have any personal favourite JSR?
46:40 Are there any regrets inside of Sun from the open sourcing the JDK?
47:20 How do you feel the community building is going around the OpenJDK?
48:45 Are there any other tools for helping the community development efforts?
49:55 Are people each other helping ...
51:50 Thx

53:30 outro

JavaPosse Episode 155

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00:25 Prologue
00:50 Introducing Martin Odersky
05:14 How long have you been working on Scala?
06:35 Do you think Scala can be a general purpose language?
08:58 Why Scala is a much more practical approach to functional
programming than something like Miranda is?
11:37 What are monets? (?)
13:42 What do you suggest for Java programmers to get started in
Scala? (First steps to Scala)
17:16 Earliest real world examples of Scala usage
20:00 What other applications do you see as perfect fits for Scala?
22:00 Why immutability is kind of that important in functional
languages or Scala?
24:10 About XML 'efficiency' in Java
26:00 What do you think about closures in Java?
28:28 Embedding XML in Scala
30:52 What's your strategy about (backward) compatibility?
34:00 ending


JavaPosse Episode 153

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Newscast for Dec 6th 2007

02:55 NetBeans 6.0 GWT plugin, Scala plugin(s)
09:05 Spring 2.5 has been released
11:25 Applets of the Week: Maths, Physics and Engineering applets
14:30 Android news: Robert Cooper's article
15:20 Carlos Bazarella from Polipus, ME4Android
15:40 OHA member Ascender announced 'Droid Fonts'
16:52 Starting with android. Article from John Lombardo
17:12 AndroidPort - new Google Group
17:22 Karl Pauls of Luminis has managed, to get Apache Felix to work on Android
Quick New Items
17:44 TheServerSide article about RestFaces
18:45 Mark Reinhold, Governance Board
20:00 Think Record Storage
20:30 Atlassian Software has released version 1.2 of Crowd
20:50 The Apache project has released version 1.1 Final of Continuum
21:00 JBoss has released a JSF unit testing tool: JSFUnit
21:46 Project Mojarra
23:46 JSR321 - Trusted Computing API for Java
24:10 Roberto Chinnici blogs that he has got GlassFish v2 running on SoyLatte on Tiger
24:30 DeveloperLife has started a series of tutorials about developing with GWT
25:12 Microsoft released GWT like API
26:10 The third season of Lost on Blu-Ray...
26:55 Sun has announced a new program to compensate Open Source developers for their coding efforts
28:30 JavaRanch has an article about James Gosling's recent "State of the Java Universe" talk
30:06 Kelly O'Hair blogs about JDK 7...

32:10 Listener Feedback
33:04 'return this'
36:20 'instance initializers in anonymous inner classes'
38:40 Closures
41:38 Ryan Dewsbury's new GWT book
43:28 Java ME OS 10
45:30 Delegation vs Inheritance
49:10 NetBeans6 syntax coloring glitch
50:20 JUG popularity
52:55 JavaPosse T-shirts
55:50 Javapolis


JavaPosse Episode 160

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Interview with Bob Lee about Guice
(Guice is an IoC framework.)

00:30 Intro
00:47 What is Guice?
03:56 What was the reason to start a new framework?
10:23 Have you seen people use it for really small things?
12:51 What's coming up?
22:50 Some things about Google Collections API
23:55 Differences between weak and soft references
26:15 Interesting combinations of strong and weak references in practice
28:18 What are the other things that you think are coming in the future for Google Collections?
30:30 Anything else, goodbye, outro...