Some months ago I read an article which said programmers usually do their hobby projects much better than their working projects. There are several reasons like time-pressure, predefined set of useless tools and pointless procedures, rubber specifications etc.

I've made a little survey about that. Do you feel sometimes it would be better to be a shepherd somewhere on a sympathetic highland in, say, Scotland and to forget all office crap? Or do you arrive at yor workplace every morning that you know you will change the world a little, of course in the right direction?

The survey is here at the right. Thank you for giving an answer if you did.

It would be nice to know the distribution of the answers by several categories like programming languages, destination environments, open source and commercial projects, speciality of the projects (banking, science, administration, telecommunications, entertainment, web/publishing), however, this simple survey is not capable for that.

But I have some opinions. It's apparent that open source projects are cooler than commercial ones. Scientific and academic projects must be also nice as they can have much more time for research and development than, let's say, outsourced banking projects where contracting party is generally absolutely disinterested in the question of nice, reusable and well-unit-tested code in contrast with delaying the payment for the software. I don't know what is the situation between programming languages but I think C or C++ programmers on embedded devices make a much more precise work than Java programmers at enterprise projects. Lower-level programming languages need more enthusiasm, higher-level ones are more popular which implies broader distribution in the level of knowledge of the programmers. But these are just thoughts...

Let's see the results at 1st of July.