Some useful Java libraries

Here is a video from Javazone, where some useful Java libraries are mentioned:

02:30 xbean-finder: Annotation finder in jars.
03:50 shrinkwrap: Can download artifacts from Maven repo.
05:50 zt-zip: zip file utils from Zeroturnaround.
07:25 Airline: command line parser helper.
10:30 really-executable-jars-maven-plugin: makes self-extracting jars.
12:00 jansi: colorized command line.
13:30 jmxutils: JMX beans by annotations.
15:00 Feign: HTTP helper / annotation lib. OkHttp is also mentioned.
17:20 Jerry / Lagarto: JQuery-style selectors in Java.
20:00 jchronic: converting English free-text to time.
21:40 assertj: fluent interface for asserts in unit tests.
23:10 vtte: very trivial template engine.
24:45 tape: a collection of queue-related classes for Android.
26:10 connector/mxj (GPL): mysql helper.
28:10 ness-pg-embedded: prostgresql helper.
29:10 slice: effective off-heap memory helper tool instead of ByteBuffers.
32:20 paranamer: named params in java from bytecode.
34:00 sshj: ssh client.
35:00 sshd-core: ssh daemon.
36:50 jline2: emacs style CLI helper.
38:00 zt-exec: starting processes conveniently.
39:30 jBcrypt: password hashing easily.
40:50 joda-money: helper for working with amounts of money.
42:10 jnr-ffi: JNI helper.
43:30 sqlite-jdbc: jdbc driver for sqlite.
44:50 java-classmate: generics parameter type discoverer.
46:20 jackson-module-afterburner: speeds up Jackson.
47:30 jackson-dataformat-yaml: YAML support for Jackson.
48:20 unix4j: command line tools from Java, like grep.
49:40 parboiled: parser generator library.
51:45 MVEL: simple brebuilt expression language.
52:40 typesafe-config: tool for reading configs.