JUM VIII. - IX. - X.

In the recent months there were a few Java-related microconferences organized at Budapest.

At the eighth occassion of the Java User Meeting (JUM) in January we had a presentation about OSGi by local guys and about Flex by Cornel Creanga from the Romanian Adobe office. I've read his blog and I must say life of an evangelist can be very cool (if there's no wife or girlfriend:)). Visiting Java and Adobe user groups all around in Europe, it's great.

At the ninth occasion in March we had three presentations: introduction to the Maven build system, SOAP testing with SOAPui and various other components, and OLAP architectures. The latter was driven by the magnificant prezi presentation engine, which is a very young Hungarian startup project and which will be introduced soon at the Silicon Walley and I'm sure it will have a great success. Otherwise, I guess this time we beat down the highest participant number with about 40 attendees.

At the tenth occassion we had a presenter again from outside of the country: Corsin Decurtins from Switzerland came and talked about Rapid prototyping with object oriented databases. The discourse had also been presented at the Jazoon conference in 2007. He also talked about the conference itself which is organized in Zurich every summer. I think this time I skip it due to various domesticies. Other two discourses were about SOAP testing with Groovy and Amazon Web Services.

The next Java User Meeting will be held at the third wednesday of September. If you are an ardent evangelist or your company would appreciate if you would talk about their product, (and this product can be connected to Java somehow) contact with the JUM organizers. Budapest is still beautiful in September and we know the right pubs.